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    Data grouping in dataTable

    Marius Semenas Newbie


      is it possible to create a table like this using RichFaces 4.0.x?



      rich:collapsibleSubTable places all child records as new rows. It even places them in a separate HTML tbody. I also tried to place child records inside a4j:repeat or ui:repeat and set breakRowBefore attribute to true but table cells aren't rendered at all in that case.

      I've found the example here: https://community.jboss.org/message/541819. But it uses old RichFaces version and rich:subtable isn't available any more.


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          Marius Semenas Newbie

          I looked at DataTableRenderer source code and found that dataTable renders children that implements Row interface or extends UIColumn class. All other are ignored. Before rendering Row child it ends current row. So it seems as if nested tables is the only way to construct this complex table.