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    rich:dataScroller with a4j:ajax event="rowclick" always returns first page elements

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      I'm using RF-4.0.1.Final with JSF-2.0.6.


      I have the following code on a page:


      <rich:dataTable value="#{aBean.vehicleList}" var="vehicle">
                <a4j:ajax event="rowclick" listener="#{aBean.select(vehicle)}" />
                <rich:dataScroller />
      </rich:dataTable >


      On the first page, no problem, the correct vehicle is used during the call to the select method.


      But if I use the scroller to go on another page, and if I click for example on the third row, then the select method will be called with the third element of the list (third vehicle of the first page), instead of the third element of the current page...


      Any idea on how to fix this ?