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    Nested (Drag and Drop) DND possible?

    Shado Magon Newbie

      Hi @LL,


      i have the follow case:


      <h:form id="form">


              <h:panelGrid columnClasses="panelc" columns="2" width="100%">

                   <rich:panel style="width:133px">

                      <h:outputText value="DragBereich" />

                          <rich:dragSupport dragIndicator=":indicator"

                                dragType="testType" dragValue="testValue">

                                <rich:dndParam name="label" value="dragFeld" />




                  <rich:panel styleClass="dropTargetPanel">


                      <rich:dropSupport id="outerDrop" acceptedTypes="testType" dropValue="outerDropValue"




                       <rich:panel style="border:1px solid gray;width:100px;height:100px;">

                                <rich:dropSupport id="innerDrop" acceptedTypes="testType" dropValue="innerDropValue"







      When i drop something in my drop area only the outer drop zone with his listener DropBannerListener is called. Never the other listener DropBaseListener. So my question is, if it is possible to have nested drop areas?