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    Custom actions in the service modeller

    Gary Brown Master

      In the service modeller, I assume that it will be possible for custom actions to be specified. However, based on current ESB configuration, this only requires the action class name to be specified, with an optional list of properties.

      However some actions represent one or more associations with other service descriptors (action pipelines), such as:

      <action name="routeAction"
       <property name="destinations">
       <route-to service-category="ExpressShipping"
       <route-to service-category="NormalShipping"

      Will it be possible to define custom actions that similarly have associations with other service descriptors, so that graphically they can display the links?

      I would also like to be able to represent two types of link:

      (1) control links - where there is an immediate transition (possibly based on a condition)

      (2) message links - where the transition will occur as the result of the target service descriptor receiving a message.

      Although the target service descriptor associated with a 'message link' would be triggered by a message, and therefore the link is redundant, it does allow the representation of causality between the two service descriptors.

      In the behavioural conformance work I am involved in, this information can be useful to compare against a choreography description.

      If it is not possible to provide this level of support for custom actions with links, then the next best solution might be to encode specific knowledge of the 'conversation based ESB actions', to enable them to be correctly represented in a graphical notation.