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    Does EJB persistence work now with MySQL/InnoDB transactiona

    Heikki Tuuri Newbie


      In September and October some users of MySQL/InnoDB transactional tables complained that EJB persistence (= autocommit of transactions, I think) does not work with transactional MySQL tables, like BDB and InnoDB, but it works with non-transactional MyISAM tables.

      Has anyone experience on this? Since MySQL used to be a non-transactional database, it is possible that it contains some MySQL-specific code which assumes that autocommit is always on.

      If EJB persistency does not work, to whom I could send a feature request that JBoss would be changed to call COMMIT at the end of beans?

      Calling COMMIT in MySQL does no harm with non-transactional MyISAM tables either.

      In recent MySQL AB poll 10 % of MySQL users said that they mostly use transactional InnoDB tables in MySQL. So this affects a large number of MySQL users.


      Heikki Tuuri
      Innobase Oy - the producer of InnoDB tables in MySQL