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    RF 4.1 rtl picklist bug

    iabughosh Master


      i'm using pickList with rtl body direction, but when i do any action on the list, the browser sheft to the most left, i did some code inspection with chrome and i found the following :

      if i have a pickList with id("myPick") there are two buttons generated ,




      both of these generated buttons have a style with left:-32767;position:absolute; which i think with rtl direction must be right:-32767.


      does anyone know a walk around for this ?, and if this is a bug please confirm.



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          Lu Han Newbie

          I think the pickList form rf4.0 to rf4.2 is not same functional with listShuttle in rf3.3.3, the left item of pickList is always a the total collection and the right item is user's selected.

          So, you should do a calculation, which is left=total-right.

          Why does it behave like this? I guess since its a UISelectMany indeed.

          It's not a good design, from the rf4.3 roadmap, we can find the guys will drive the missing components back in the plan. So, let's see if the listShuttle would be back in the laster version.

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            Milos Damnjanovic Newbie

            Any workaround? I will appreciate your help.


            Thank you in advance.