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    Process variables rules template relationship

    Hunor-Attila Kerekes Newbie

      I am a little bit confused about the rules fact variables and process variables relationship. I have a process with variables: name:String, age:Integer, access:Boolean. I would like to verify with a business rule if the variable age is less than 18 then the access would be set to false. I created a model called User with these fields. The rule separately works fine, but I am inserting a User object in ksession. If I am using a process model like this:1.Human Task, 2 Business rule, 3.Human task, how can I set these values or what is the relation ship exactly between my process variables and rule template data?

      Should I use the rule template as a variable in my process? If yes please let me know how it is possible.

      Note: The fields: name, age are filled in runtime by a user.


      Thank you in advance.

      Kind regards, Hunor-Attila Kerekes