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    jBPM 5 on Tomcat 6

    Kazuya Ichikawa Newbie

      Hi, I want to use jBPM 5 on Tomcat 6. Does anyone know how to install it into Tomcat 6?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          jBPM is packaged as several web application so they are fairly easy to deploy on any application servers. Here is a brief list of elements that could differ per application server/container:

          • data source configuration as jBPM jpa uses JNDI look up for data sources by default
          • persistence configuration - persistence.xml
          • user/roles configuration for console

          I think a good start would be to first search this forum, I am quite sure someone has already done that. Next look through jbpm console war (jbpm-gwt-console-server.war) to get yourself bit familiar with internals. A good kind of documentation can be build.xml file from jbpm installer as it packages everything before deployment.

          And of course you're welcome to post further questions here as well.