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    Packaging of JBoss installs


      Hi All,


      I'm curious how folks package and deploy jboss installs. We have a need to rapidly deploy jboss instances to RHEL SOE's in both the cloud and inernally so went with RPM :-)


      Basically I take the EAP production profile and roll it into an RPM that forms a unique instance (someapp-instance.rpm). It contains no configuration data but is highly variablized (in many ways). This allows me to package up another RPM as a config rpm that is unique to the environment we want to deploy the instance to. It consists of a few simple properties files that get loaded by the properties service as well as a thing I call a "vars" file. This contains changes that get applied to the /etc/sysconfig/someapp-instance file (it's EAP remember) based on hostname. This allows me to have properties that get set on all nodes of a cluster in the same way and to the same value as well as being able to set unique things such as IPs and java args on a per host basis (the former is obvious, the latter to allow us to deploy profilers on one host only, etc).


      Between the main rpm and the config rpm i can pretty much  deploy a container anywhere and be assured i have the same core files.


      Upgrading between 5.1 and 5.1.1 was a challenge, i wound up using svn's diff output to help me see what files changed. Tedious but got me there.


      So, how do others manage consistent, rapidly deployable jboss installs? I'm thinking either .org or eap ... and probably not AS7 as it's clearly addressing this more directly :-)