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    Unable to start jboss 7.1.1 server through eclipse

    Andrew Robinson Newbie

      Hi I am unable to start jbossas 7.1.1 through eclipse.


      I have

      eclipse indigo 3.7.2

      jboss tools core 3.3.0.beta1

      jbossas 7.1.1.Final


      running on windows xp sp2


      I attempt to start the sever through eclipse and i get a popup telling me the server failed to start. the console also terminates immediately with nothing printed to it. the logs within the server installation also report nothing.


      I have tried advice found elsewhere suggesting changing port numbers, I checked that the port numbers in the server config within eclipse match those defined in the standalone config file, this made no difference. I have also tried changing the location of the server from localhost to which also made no difference.


      I am able to start the server as standalone through command line.


      Hope someone can help, thanks