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    Questions from a potential weblogic convert

    Armin Newbie

      After working with Weblogic for a few months and finding numerous bugs in the entity caching and pools, my boss gave me the go ahead to try out JBoss. So, I grabbed 3.0a, created the jboss descriptors and deployed my CMP2.0 beans. Things have not been going as smoothly as I has hoped. At first, the beans wouldn't deploy at all and it was difficult to figure out that I had made a mistake in the descriptors. Gradually, I've figured what some of the exceptions are complaining about. Having grown accustomed to the Weblogic ejb compiler, I've gotten kinda sloppy. So my question is how do I do verification with 3.0? I have blatantly misspelled xml elements in the descriptors to see if the container would complain at deploy, but it doesn't. This is an area were Weblogic does well, verifying that the class files and descriptors are in order. When there is a mistake in the classes or descriptors, it was clear about letting you know what went wrong. Does anybody have any suggestions regarding these kind of issues?