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    jBPM5.2 + JBossESB4.10 + JBoss 5.1.0GA

    ayooi Newbie



      I am trying to get the aforementioned jboss products integrated and working with each other. I have been able to get as far as installing JBoss ESB into JBoss 5.1.0GA and using the packaged jbpm that comes with that for creating workflows and orchestrating services. The main features I'm looking to use are assigning tasks to people and utilizing services on the ESB.


      I need to be able to somehow do everything I currently am doing but with jBPM 5.2 instead, but there seems to be a lack of documentation on the matter of using jBPM5.2 for service orchestration. I also have no idea how to install jBPM5.2 without having clashes between the packaged jBPM3.2.7 and the new jBPM5.2.


      Am I just not looking in the correct places or does jBPM 5.2 not immediately handle service orchestration out of the box?


      Also, how do I go about integrating jBPM 5.2 and JBoss ESB 4.10?


      All I am trying to do currently is follow the ant build script instructions to install necessary components into JBoss from jBPM and JBossESB. This has unfortunately, not worked out as I believe a lot of the configuration files conflict with each other.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!