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    <rich:treeNode> ignoring <f:ajax> or <a4j:ajax>

    Wesley Menezes Newbie



      I have a rich:tree and I'm trying to use <f:ajax> or <a4j:ajax> in the <rich:treeNode> to capture event "click" (or any other) and thus call a bean method through the listener attribute of the ajax tag, bug the ajax tag is simply ignored.


      Anyone have this scenario?


      This is a a piece of code, not complex...






                                              <h:outputText value="#{node.data.label}" />


      I'm using RichFaces 4.2 and JSF 2.2 with CDI (my customerBean is of type "javax.inject.Named")




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          iabughosh Master

          Welcome to the community Wesley,

          i think the problem is in your listener method signature, ajax listener signature should be like this:


          public void processTreeSelectionChange(AjaxBehaviorEvent abe) {

               //do your action here




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            Wesley Menezes Newbie



            thanks for your answer. I tried your suggestion, but no sucess.


            Then I tried changing the <f:ajax> for <a4j:ajax> and again no sucess. But with <a4j:ajax> the tree blocked the tree expanding (actually, when I click to expand, the tree expand and contract very fast! What a strange behavior...).


            I look in RichFaces showcase something similar to your suggestion, but with <rich:extendedDataTable>.


            So, my impression is that maybe a problem with "treenode"...


            I checked app server log and httpfox messages, but no clues. By the way, in httpfox, I see that when "mousedown" occurs it creates a post request whit result 200 (ok!), but no method call on server!


            Tks again!

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              Maheswara Sunkara Novice

              are you still using : listener="#{customerBean.processTreeSelectionChange(node.data)}"


              or changed it to : listener="#{customerBean.processTreeSelectionChange}"

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                Wesley Menezes Newbie

                Hi Maheswara,


                Actually I need to use the new form, passing arguments:



                But trying to understand what was the problem I tried method with no arguments.


                Both ways the result was the same, no sucess, no method call for <rich:treeNode>.


                Thank you

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                  Hung Phan Newbie

                  Hello Mendes.


                  I have the same problem with you too.


                  I understand why you create that method. I think because the treeSelectionChangeEvent in rich:tree not show exactly as this demo, so you have to give data directly when click rich:treeNode.


                  I've tried this code in this demo (http://showcase.richfaces.org/richfaces/component-sample.jsf?demo=tree&skin=blueSky), but the treeSelectionChangeListener doesn't active, so desperate.




                    <rich:tree id="tree" nodeType="#{node.type}" var="node" value="#{treeBean.rootNodes}" toggleType="client"

                                  selectionType="ajax" selectionChangeListener="#{treeBean.selectionChanged}">

                                  <rich:treeNode type="country">



                                  <rich:treeNode type="company" icon="/images/tree/disc.gif">



                                  <rich:treeNode type="cd" icon="/images/tree/song.gif">

                                      #{node.artist} - #{node.name} - #{node.year}



                  If you have free time, please check my test case project in my wordpress: http://phandanghung.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/welcome-to-my-jsf-tutorial-project/. Please check test case 3 to view our problem


                  Sincerely thanks.

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                    Wesley Menezes Newbie

                    Hello Hung,


                    I will test your sample, just give me some time, but I will test...


                    Mean time, to my problem, I could do something right now that will gave same efffect (events on treeNode), but the solution is not so elegant, look:


                    First in XHTML:

                    <rich:treeNode ... onmousedown="processTreeSelectionChange(#{node.data.id})"/>



                    Second still XHTML:


                    <a4j:jsFunction name="processTreeSelectionChange" action="#{memoriaLaudoTreeCreatorBean.processTreeSelectionChange}">

                      <a4j:param name="node" assignTo="#{memoriaLaudoTreeCreatorBean.elementoSelecionadoId}"/>




                    Third CDI Bean:


                    private String elementoSelecionadoId;


                    //getter and setter


                    public void processTreeSelectionChange ( )  {

                      //recover original node from the elementoSelecionadoId (searching in rootNodes)




                    Well, this will help me for a while, but I would like to use the new form of calling methods with arguments, present in JSF 2.2.


                    Still, I opened a bug report in RichFaces 4.2.0 Final Jira, if I have some answer from there I will post here that answer.


                    Best Regards

                    Wesley Menezes

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                      Hung Phan Newbie

                      Thank you Wesley Meneles.


                      I've tried to code like you, but unfortunately, the treeSelectionChange event doesn;t work. My code like this




                      Header 1

                      <rich:tree id="tree"  nodeType="#{node.type}" var="ajax" value="#{testCase4Bean.rootNodes}" toggleType="client"


                      <rich:treeNode type="country" onclick="processTreeSelectionChange(#{node.name})">





                      And js like this


                      <a4j:jsFunction name="processTreeSelectionChange" action="#{testCase4Bean.processTreeSelectionChange()}">

                      <a4j:param name="node" assignTo="#{testCase4Bean.myNodeData}"/>



                      likes many times. I feel so bad .

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                        Hung Phan Newbie

                        Finally I've done this function successfully . I have to change like this:


                        Header 1

                        <rich:tree id="tree"   nodeType="#{node.type}" var="node" value="#{testCase4Bean.rootNodes}" toggleType="client"

                        selectionType="ajax" >               

                        <rich:treeNode type="country">

                        <a4j:ajax event="click" oncomplete="processTreeSelectionChange('#{node.name}')"/>






                          <a4j:jsFunction name="processTreeSelectionChange" render="showname">

                        <a4j:param name="name" assignTo="#{testCase4Bean.myNodeData}" />



                        And it success. I think this is a bug that developers can change in the 4.3.0 release