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    JNDI in AS7

    rang s Newbie

      I am interested to know how JNDI works in a clustered environment in AS7, any links/documentation would help. Thanks !

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          For what reason? JMS, EJB ? There are many changes and the documentation is not complete.

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            rang s Newbie

            Basically I wish to know the changes done w.r.t JNDI in cluster environment. does ha-jndi still hold good for AS7+? In a clustered environment (domain mode), where is the JNDI tree stored? few questions I am looking for answers are like - is the JNDI stored in local nodes? how does failover work? how are the changes in JNDI tree propagated? Is Infinispan used anywhere for this ?
            Let me know if AS6 concepts hold good here?