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    Full submition because of rich:modalPanel in a4j:form

    Marc Schmucki Newbie

      Hello everybody


      I have the following probem:

      When I click into the h:inputField and press the enterButton, a full submition of the form is performed. But actually I DOND'T want this.

      I have the following code:




          <rich:modalPanel id="mpTest" ></rich:modalPanel>   


          <h:inputText id="submitionDisabler" value="" style="display:none;" />

          <h:inputText id="inputField" value="" >




                     oncomplete="alert('A4J Support called omcomplete');"



                  focus="inputField" />





      The inputText "submitionDisabler" is in there to avoid the full submition which is done by pressing enter in the single inputText in a form. But because of the rich:modalPanel this is not working anymore.

      Now, I found out that when I move the rich:modalPanel ouside of the form, that the full submition is not done anymore. But I'd like to have the modalPanel IN the form.


      Do you have any idea why this happen and how I can solve this?


      Thanks and regards