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    Sandbox version scheme

    Brian Leathem Master

      Now that we have the sandbox components published to the JBoss SNAPSHOT repository, we need to discuss an appropriate versioning scheme for the Sandbox comopnents, so development on the compnents can proceed at a rapid pace (with breaking API changes as required) and yet still allow users can predictably test the components, and use them in their prtototyped applications.


      I can think of a few possiblities for such a versioning scheme:


      • Build numbers
        • Every nightly hudson build/deploy increments the version number (or at least when their has been a change to the source tree)
      • Matching RichFaces release
        • The version of the component can track the version of the RichFaces project it targets (where many base/actract classes will be leveraged)
      • Independent, arbitrary version scheme
        • Component developers can manage the version themselves, incrementing the version as breraking changes/improvements are introduced


      I'm very much interested to hear any additional thoughts on possible Sandbox versioning scheme, as well as any thoughts on pros/cons and preferences.