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    how to provide a complete workflow as web service?

    Manfred Nanniger Newbie



      I try to deliver a complete jbpm workflow as a web service.


      In other projects, I created a new dynamic web project and used axis2 to generate a web service, then exported the project as a war file and placed the file in a tomcat webapps folder.


      Unfortunately, I don't have any settings for integrating axis2 in the preference menu of the eclipse demo version used by the jbpm demo setup.


      So I wonder whether I can solve the problem by using my standard eclipse version with integrated axis2 and so on but I can't find any installation guide except the one for the demo setup I want to avoid now.

      How can I integrate all jbpm components of a eclipse demo version in my regular used eclipse version?


      Or does anybody have another suggestion how to solve this problem? I want to deploy the web service in a tomcat. So it's not interesting to annotate the classes with web service terms and export the project as jar file.


      Thanks for your help.


      Best regards,