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    Server Vs Client side load balancing

    Muthukumaran Manickavasagam Newbie

      I have two hornetq forming symmetric cluster. I have one producer which sends lots of message (~1500msg/sec) to one of the node. If i see the message distribution, they are distributed evenly and hence each node is having 750 messages. But when i try to consume the messages using the node, i'm not getting messages from the second node. It apears that at the client side i have to create connection every time to to read messages from both node. It doesn't seem to be correct to my best knowledge. I was expecting to read messages from both node as i create JMS session every time when the nodes are in cluster. Any idea?


      Here is my environment,


      HornetQ Version - HQ_2_2_8_EAP_CR2

      Static connectors
      Standalone mode

      I'm not using JNDI

      I have load balancer (h/w) in front of the cluster - This is to just take care of fail over.


      What else you need to help me...?


      -- Muthu