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    Any suggestion about receiving email in Seam3 application.

    hantsy bai Master

      I have used Seam 3 mail module to send email, it worked well.


      How to receive mail from remove mail server.


      I have browsed the mail module home page, and noticed that there are some plans to do this. But I can not find more info about this topic now.


      Currently, the seam3 module MailConfig only support sending email, no configuration options are provided for receving message.


      1. Is there posible to override the default MailConfig, and MailSessionProducer? MailConfig is not a interface, it is an Application socped class instead .


      2. If possible to produces Mail Session with an cusotm @Inbound and @Outbound for different purpose(receiving and sending)..



      Any suggestion here...thanks.


      My development enviroment is JBoss 7.0.1.Final(with Majarra 2.0.2 , Weld 1.1.4)...