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    Using ShrinkWrap with SOA-P

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      I received this question via email from a community member:


      My name is Sathish Anickode and I work for Early Warning Services. I attended your presentation on JBoss AS7 and Arquillian at Phoenix Java User group last week and it was very informative.
      Recently, I tried to use ShrinkWrap project to create an archive for JBoss SOA-P app server which requires an archive of type esb. I could not find support for this specific archive type in the project. This archive is built differently compared to the standard jar, war or ear files. Is there a way to add a custom archive builder for ESB? Please let me know the best method to handle this scenario. Using your tool in our application for integration tests will be of immense value.


      I'll admit I'm not intimately familiar with the layout of an ESB file; though it's still a standard JAR (ie. ZIP-format), correct?  If so, you can just use the JavaArchive type and ensure that the contents of your ShrinkWrap object are as you expect.  You can show the files contained by using:


      archive.toString(true); // Verbose output, much like "ls -la"