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    Seam3 equivalent for no-conversation-view-id?

    thetrac3r Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I'm working on the maimtenance/recoding of a Seam 2 online store into Seam 3.  In the original Seam2 version, we were able to 'handle' a user clicking the back button after a successful transaction through the use of a redirect in pages.xml, done using login-required + conversation-required and no-conversation-view-id="/redirectpath/". 


      Our Seam3 version doesn't have a pages.xml, and instead (of course) uses pretty-config/PrettyFaces + faces-config.  I've been googling around, and I just can't seem to find if there an easy way to achieve the same redirect that the code above provided, in Seam3.


      Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks :)