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    Page deletion bug

    Shannon Sumner Newbie

      Hello all,


      I have a weird bug relating to deleting a page.  If I create a page using the "Site Editor" -> "Add New Page" wizard and then delete the page using the "Administration" -> "Page Management" screen.  The page still exists in the Site Map and when you click on the page link - you get the "Page Not Found" portlet.


      Please help,



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          Nick Scavelli Novice

          Navigation nodes != pages. When you delete the page you are not deleting the navigation node that used to point to that page. And vice versa, if you deleted the navigation node (and not the page) you wouldn't have a way to access the page, however the page would still exist (page management). Some people develop the portal where it's a one to one relationship between pages and nodes, however its possible for multiple nodes to point to the same page. There was discussion at some point to delete all navigation nodes that pointed to a deleted page, however, it was considered safer to leave nodes in tact in case they should point somewhere else, and leave it up to admins to delete appropriate nodes.

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            Shannon Sumner Newbie

            Thanks Nick,


            How would I delete the Navigation node?


            - Shannon

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              Shannon Sumner Newbie

              Hi Nick,


              I figured it out.