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    Jboss 7.1 EJB 2.1 Remote JNDI

    Halli Balli Newbie

      Hallo everybody,


      I have a project that is currently running on JBoss 4 and I have to migrate to JBoss 7


      I downloaded the current Version (JBoss 7.1.1), configured standalone.xml to use my database.

      The deployment seems to work.


      Than I found out, that remote jndi using port 1099 is not longer supported so I tried using remoting for JNDI


      But now I have the problem that I don't know how to get my Beans remotely. The naming has changed. My Beans all have names like java:global or java:app


      I read that I have to use ejb: to remotely use my Beans. Does this mean that I have to change the naming in my XML of the Beans or do I have to switch to EJB 3 specs?

      Or is there a way to map the names from java:something too ejb:something?