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    Local interface question

    Mark Hesketh Newbie

      I've got a local home i/f impl that has a findAll() on it. I have defined the local EJBLocalObject class with the relevant accessors for the attributes I want to manipulate in the web-tier. I'm having difficulty though, getting JBoss to deploy it due to the following stack trace:

      [17:22:21,355,ContainerFactory] Could not deploy file:/C:/tools/jboss-3.0.0alpha
      at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.bridge.JDBCEntityBridge.loadSelectors(

      I've checked the JDBCEntityBridge class on line 213 and it's fairly innocuous.

      Does anyone know what the problem is?

      ejb-jar.xml (ejb-ql):

      SELECT OBJECT(w) FROM WorkAreaSchema as w

      Local i/f:

      public interface WorkAreaLocalHome extends EJBLocalHome
      public abstract Collection findAll() throws FinderException;

      Local obj:

      public interface WorkAreaLocal extends EJBLocalObject, IWorkArea

      I have also declared a helper method on my remote i/f for retrieving the snapshot objects rather than have a collection of remote objects to pore through in my JSP view pages.

      public Collection ejbHomeGetAllWorkAreas() throws RemoteException
      Collection locals = null;
      WorkAreaLocalHome waLocalHome = getWorkAreaLocalHome();
      locals = waLocalHome.findAll();
      catch (Exception e)
      throw new RemoteException("Couldn't resolve the local home i/f for WorkArea",

      Collection results = null;

      if (!locals.isEmpty())
      results = new ArrayList(locals.size());
      WorkAreaLocal nextLocal = null;
      Iterator iter = locals.iterator();
      while (iter.hasNext())
      nextLocal = (WorkAreaLocal)iter.next();
      new WorkAreaStateHolder(nextLocal.getWorkAreaID(),

      return results;


      This is defined in the home i/f thus:

      public Collection getAllWorkAreas() throws RemoteException;

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          Denis St Flour Newbie

          I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the method parameters tags was the cause of the problem. Also be careful of the name used in the abstract-schema-name tag. It turns out that the name is case sensitive and it must match the name used in the ejb-ql tag. I include an extract of my descriptor below:


          Find all teams

          SELECT OBJECT(t)
          FROM team t