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    Possible classloader issue of EAR deployment

    thinksteep thinksteep Novice

      Hi All,


      We have a war with FirstServlet which will be initiated at the time of deploymet. This FirstServlet populates values to a static HashMap which is in another class (this class is placed inside a JAR which is at EAR-LIB folder).


      We have another EJB jar in same EAR with webservice. When this service is being executed it checks for certain properties populated in HashMap. Some how we are getting HashMap as empty.


      This service will be invoked from client which resides in another JVM.


      I made sure that HashMap values are updated by printing them to console. I am suspecting it could be due to new classloading mechanism. Am I correct? If so, could you please help me on how can I overcome this?


      I am sorry for no code. I was not able to generate a scaled down version of my EAR for this issue.


      Any help would be really appreciated.


      Thanks for your time and help.