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    Error in extracting the stubs from the wsdl. (by wsconsume)

    lakshmi priya Newbie




      i have used the following command ... to generate the stubs from the wsdl




      "wsconsume --v -k -p com.hp C:\JBOSS\jboss-soa-p.5.0.0\jboss-as\bin\VolumeCDR.wsdl""


      its giving the following error : 

      [ERROR] Invalid wsdl:operation "Start_alias_MSISDN_CDR": its a document-literal

      operation,  message part must refer to a schema element declaration

        line 64 of file:/C:/JBOSS/jboss-soa-p.5.0.0/jboss-as/bin/VolumeCDR.wsdl


      can any one tell me wer the error is exactly at..???