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    Lots of sockets needed

    stu erzer Newbie

      Hi there!


      HornetQ 2.2.5 on JBossAS 4.2.3 under RHEL 6, 30 Queues configured.


      After starting the AS, the process opens ~700 files (sockets). Is this expected behaviour (seems quite a lot to me) or do i have a configuration issue?




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          Clebert Suconic Master

          Not enough information.. are these sockets really from hornetq? what's the queue size, clients size..etc?



          Anyway.. JBoss 4.2.3.. we are not going to provide integration on any future release. It's really hard to maintain..


          Anyway.. if you can afford something new (HornetQ on JBoss) why don't you try a newer release of the AS server?