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    Forge plugin for BPEL services

    Keith Babo Master

      Gary/Jeff - we should add a Forge plugin for BPEL developers.  I think it would likely take an hour or two max once we know which files should be created.  For example, if you create a new BPEL service, we likely would drop a Riftsaw deploy.xml, create an empty/simple bpel process definition, and update the switchyard.xml to contain the new service implementation definition.  I don't think we need to mess around with partnerLinks in the forge plugin (user can do that in the editor post-create), but if you think it would be valuable, then we can always go there too. 




      We can start with the list of what should be added/updated when a BPEL service is created.  From there, we can find someone to write it if you guys don't have the time.




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          Gary Brown Master

          Hi Keith


          As Jeff and I haven't used forge yet, it would be great if one of the switchyard team could implement an initial version - probably ignoring partner links for now.


          Probably just needs to be modelled on the 'say_hello' quickstart - so just in terms of providing a ws interface to a bpel process. So essentially just needs a deploy.xml, the .bpel and a .wsdl, as well as of course the switchyard.xml.