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    Extending Seam Security to Include Domain

    zenig Newbie

      I am attempting to extend Seam Security to take a domain, username and password instead of the standard username and password. The combination of domain and username should now be the unique factor, opposed to just username. For example, you could have "domain1" & "jsmith" and "domain2" & "smith" without conflict, since the combination of domain and username is unique.


      From reviewing the Seam sourcecode, it appears I'll have to extend JpaIdentityStore, Credentials and IdentityManager to pull this off. To extend Credentials, it appears I need to create a new LoginModule and Callback handler (no clue how to do this)!


      Am I over complicating this use-case? I realize I could just prepend the domain to the username like "domain1\jsmith" and use that as the username. I could use some manipulation to add/strip as necessary to get just the domain or just the username. I could even use prePresist event to manipulate before it is stored in the DB. I didn't think all this was too elegant for the scenario!


      Has anyone tackled this? If so, what was the best method?

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          Sergio Angelo Newbie

          As always read the manual before looking in the source code


          What you describe is not necessary. It's very easy, just extend the Identity with your extra properties (e.g. domain) and that will be enough.


          See http://docs.jboss.org/seam/2.2.2.Final/reference/en-US/html/security.html#d0e13857


          Then inject your custom identity into your authentication class (instead of the default one) and handle the logic.

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            zenig Newbie

            I was extending the Credentials per Seam in Action (page 438). I did look at the manual about extending the Identity. I could understanding doing this so you can inject the Credentials into the authenticate method. Then you would just provide the query to validate the password.


            But, I am using IdentityMangager as well as JPAIdentityStore. This is where my issue lies. The IdentityManager does support "createUser(String domain, String username, String password)". So if I extend IdentityManager, then going further I would have to extend JPAIdentityStore and the number of classes I have to extend continues to increase from there.


            I hope that makes more sense. I have elected to just put the "domain\username" as the username field in Credentials. It isn't elegent but all I had to do was extend Credentials. It just puts "domain\username" in the database which I wanted as separate columns. But, it shall do!


            If anybody knows how to make this more elegent, then let me know. When I eventually move to Delta Spike or the next iteration of Seam, I'll see if PickLink is more flexible for this purpose.

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              Sergio Angelo Newbie

              Ok I understand your problem now.


              If you're using the IdentityManager then it's actually more easy, you don't have to extend Credentials nor Identity.

              Just put the domain in your own User entity class and make a listener to @Observer(JpaIdentityStore.EVENT_PRE_PERSIST_USER) and

              set the domain into user here.


              Here is my own code example:



                   * Called when <tt>identityManager.createUser()</tt> has been executed.


                   * @param account the account that is going to be created.



                  public void register(Account account) {

                      if (newUser != null)



                      activationCode = UUID.randomUUID().toString().replaceAll("-", "").toUpperCase();


                      account.setCreated(new Date());








              Hope this helps you.

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                zenig Newbie

                I looked into that too!


                Here are two scenarios:

                     Scenario 1:

                          Domain: domain1

                          Username: jsmith

                          Password: 1234


                     Scenario 2:

                          Domain: domain2

                          Username: jsmith

                          Password: 1234


                When I try to use createUser(String username, String password) in IdentityManager, the first user is created sucessfully. Then when I try to create the second user, it says it already exists! I want the combination of "domain" and "username" to represent a unique user, not just the default "username". This will allow the same username within separate domains to be handled.

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                  Sergio Angelo Newbie

                  Check this out:




                  You probably have to override IdentityManager's auehnticate functioanlity and if things become complicated I would switch back to the default simple authenication without making use of the IdentityManager. That's more flexible and you can define your own authentication method.

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                    zenig Newbie

                    I saw that link too during my search. Close! For what he wants to do, he seems to be focused just on the JPA lookup method and nothing else.


                    I think my best bet is to venture off on my own or continue to use my hack above hoping the next iteration of the security framework considers this scenario.