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    How can I find GroupId

    luke Tang Newbie

      Hello everyboby:


                I want to get next HumanTask's actorId or groupId .

                I used ProcessEventListener to monitor the task flow,  in the beforeNodeTriggered method I can get the node(Human Task) which I'm going to arrive in the next,throw this method I can get the node's Id, name, metaData... but there's no actorId or groupId,


      How can I get the HumanTask'actorId or  groupId I'm going to arrive ?!



      public void beforeNodeTriggered(ProcessNodeTriggeredEvent nodeEvt) {

      NodeInstance nodeInstance = (NodeInstance)nodeEvt.getNodeInstance();




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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          You can try to cast it to HumanTaskNodeInstance if you're sure it is a HumanTask and get a work item out of it. Next, access parameters of work item to get actor id and group id.



          String actorId = ((HumanTaskNodeInstance) nodeInstance).getWorkItem().getParameter("ActorId");
          String groupId = ((HumanTaskNodeInstance) nodeInstance).getWorkItem().getParameter("GroupId");