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    jBPM Eclipse modeler: How to enter a numerical value to a service node input parameter

    whabelitz Newbie

      I use jBPM 5.0 and want to apply domain-specific service nodes with parameters of type Integer.

      So I define for the Eclipse process modeler something like
           "name" : "TestNode",
           "parameters" : [
               "stringPara": new StringDataType(),
               "intPara" : new IntegerDataType(),
           "results" : [
               "intResult" : new IntegerDataType(),
           "displayName" : "Test activity",
           "icon" : "icons/action.gif"
      in my WorkDefinitions.conf file.


      How can I now enter integer values inside the process modeler when using such a service node?
      If I just enter a numerical value inside the property pane, I get an error (ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer)
      after saving and reopening the process definition. The expression inside the process definition looks like
                <from xsi:type="tFormalExpression">1</from>
                <to xsi:type="tFormalExpression">_2_intParaInput</to>


      If no solution for Eclipse is available, can the web modeler (Oryx Designer) handle numerical parameters?  And can the web modeler be used standalone (without Guvnor) reading and writing process definitions from/to the file system?


      If I manage to handle numerical values during process design, what is during runtime? Can I access this parameter inside a WorkItemHandler using "(Integer) workItem.getParameter("intPara")" or will this cause a class cast exception?


      My work around at the moment is defining non string values inside a script node and using parameter mapping, but this is not a nice solution and inflate the process definition