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    Access infinispan replicated-cache from hotrode client

    wiktorowski maximilien Novice



      I have a replicated-cache in an as7.1 server-group and i'd like to put some datas on it from a server that is outside the server-group using hotrode client.


      As hotrode client supports only tcp transport, i have configured cache-container to use tcp transport stack but when i try to access to the cache the socket is rejected by jgroups


      14:50:49,337 ATTENTION [org.jgroups.blocks.TCPConnectionMap] (ConnectionMap.Acceptor,null) Could not accept connection from peer : java.net.SocketException: ConnectionMap.Connection.readPeerAddress(): cookie read by does not match own cookie; terminating connection

              at org.jgroups.blocks.TCPConnectionMap$TCPConnection.readPeerAddress(TCPConnectionMap.java:507) [jgroups-3.0.4.Final.jar:3.0.4.Final]

              at org.jgroups.blocks.TCPConnectionMap$TCPConnection.<init>(TCPConnectionMap.java:395) [jgroups-3.0.4.Final.jar:3.0.4.Final]

              at org.jgroups.blocks.TCPConnectionMap$ConnectionAcceptor.run(TCPConnectionMap.java:247) [jgroups-3.0.4.Final.jar:3.0.4.Final]

              at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619) [rt.jar:1.6.0_20]


      How can i configure the jgroups in order to access the cache-container remotly ?


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