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    Browse JNDI tree in JBoss 7.0.2?




      Is there any way in JBoss 7.0.2 to browse the JNDI tree?  I know the jmx-console has been removed in favour of JConsole, however, JB 7.0.2 does not seem to expose a bean to allow me to view the JNDI tree (or I am looking in the wrong place).  I've connected via JConsole, but don't see anything relevant to JNDI there.  Is there anything that exists to allow me to do so?


      I've added an env-entry to my application.xml in my ear, but cannot seem to access it via a JNDI lookup, so I want to ensure that it is being appropriately added to the JNDI tree.  But I can't seem to find any way to accomplish this.








          <description>application-wide property</description>







      Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.