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    Session EJB and 'jdbc:freetds:sqlserver'

    Roger Borg Newbie

      I have an application running on NT/2000 (same behavior) using JBoss 2.4.3 / Tomcat 3.2.3 and it interacts with a SQL Server 7.0 db.

      The application consists of an HTML page invoking a Servlet which invokes a Stateless Session EJB. The EJB is doing a 'Select' into a database using the Free TDS JDBC driver.

      Everything seems properly configured. When I make one trip to the db and execute the Select (based on criteria from the HTML form) I get the correct results returned...

      My problem is this: After successfully performing a lookup, if I simply hit the back key to get to the HTML form and re-execute the process (ie, HTML -> Servlet -> EJB -> JDBC -> SQL db) I get an exception being thrown on the DriverManager.getConnection(..) statement. If I reload the page, the error doesn't happen.

      Does anyone know what this means and how do I fix it?


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          katakyie Newbie

          Hi spokes,

          i also need to configure Jboss2.4.4_Tomcat4.0.1 to access a database ( MS SQL Server 7.0 ) using the tds driver. Already I have done the following:

          1. I made a tds.jar containing the driver.
          2. I copied tds.jar into <path_to_jboss>\lib\ext
          3. I edited the jboss.jcml files in
          <path_to_jboss>\conf\default and
          Under the JDBC Section, i inserted following tags.



          When I run Jboss, I can read the following

          [INFO,JdbcProvider] Initializing
          [INFO,JdbcProvider] Loaded JDBC-driver:org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
          [INFO,JdbcProvider] Loaded JDBC-driver:com.inet.tds.TdsDriver
          [INFO,JdbcProvider] Initialized

          So far, so good !
          The question is how do I proceed further?
          Can you share your experience with me?