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    columns sorting within extendedDataTable in Richfaces 4.2

    Nikolai Alexeev Newbie

      Hi! Is sorting in richfaces 4.2 should be done manually like in examples? I mean that in 3.3.3 when you added "sortBy" attribute to rich:column you always had sortable header which you could click and trigger sorting. Now it's gone. It seems that the only way to make column sortable is do like in your examples when you manually add link which calls sort action. Is it new conception or am i doing something wrong? And what about arrows: should i add them myself?

      BTW, one more thing that looks inconvenient is that now i have to provide "sortOrder" for all columns or else i'll always get "arrangeableState" either as NULL (if i don't provide sortOrder at all) or without needed property (for which i don't provide "sortOrder").