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    jboss 7.1 and jboss-ejb3 projects relation

    Viacheslav Krot Newbie

      Hello all,


      What is the relation between jboss-ejb3 project and jboss 7.1 ejb3 implementation?

      For me it would be natural if jboss AS used jboss-ejb3 project, just including as a module, some latest stable version. Instead, I see that jboss src contains own version of ejb3 implementation. Moreover, it does not contain some classes that have been in ejb3 project for years, example is Ejb3Registry.

      Why is it done that way?

      I want to use IsLocalInterceptor in order to do calls by reference if EJB is located in same JVM as the client.


      Thank you in advance.