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    Memory buildup in Jboss-Jetty

    Priyadarshan Newbie

      Hi Forum,

      Our Application contains only servlets and generated Html is running on Jboss2.4.1-Jetty combination .

      The problem I have is that every query to the DB increases the Memory used by the application and this doesnt seem to reduce even after closing the browser . This goes on Increasing until all the data cached and any new query will again add to the total memory . I checked for memory leak and found none. It seems that Jboss is caching all the data that is got from the DB and the memory increases by the size of the ResultSet.

      Does Jboss Cache the Resultset internally that is increasing the size of the application or is there any other reason.

      Further we are using our own HomeGrown ConnectionPool and that has no defects.

      Any help at the earliest is appreciated .

      Please help.