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    how to continue history for a deleted entity ?

    mirak1234 Newbie



      i have an entity of type A with field

      ID wich is the technical id, a generated number

      CODE wich is a functional id, it's a string, "foo"

      VALUE wich is a value like x


      I create A(1,"foo","x")

      the entity is saved in the audit table

      a new row will appear in A_AUD.


      I update A(1,"foo","x") to A(1,"foo","y")

      a new row will appear in A_AUD.


      now i delete A(1,"foo","y")

      the entity will disapear from the main table, and a new row will appear in A_AUD.


      now what if i want to create a new revision of A(1,"foo","r") ?


      how can i preserve the history ?

      I can search for the ID with CODE="foo" in the audit table.

      but my guess is that since the row with ID=1 doesn't exist anymore in A, then when i try to insert one, the save from hibernate will automatically generated a new ID, even if i provided one first.


      i use sqlserver as database