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    headerClass attribute of extendedDataTable in richfaces 4.2

    Nikolai Alexeev Newbie

      I've faced another problem with extendedDataTable in Richfaces 4.2. For some reason attribute "headerClass" doesn't work: classes that i define with this attribute aren't applied to any element of formed table. Is it bug?

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          Radim Hanus Expert

          I've just experienced the same problem

          when digging deeper I've figured out that style rf-edt-tbl-hdr defines background-image property which cannot be overriden

          my style:

          .my-edt-tbl-hdr {

              background-image: none;

              background-color: #FBFBFF;



          *.rf-edt-hdr, *.rf-edt-tbl-hdr {

          background-image: url(/admin/ui/rfRes/colHdrGrad.png?v=4.2.0.Final&db=eAFjZJBjZDBiZBBh!P!myz!G!9ee!WZgAgA8IAf!&ln=org.richfaces.images);


          supply headerStyle in rich:extendedDataTable

          <rich:extendedDataTable id="theTable" value="#{myTableBean}" var="stat" headerClass="my-edt-tbl-hdr" ...

          but it results in following HTML

          <div id="j_idt64:theTable:tfh" class="rf-edt-tbl-hdr my-edt-tbl-hdr">...</div>