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    a4j:repeat - rerender and inputs

    nt2005 Newbie

      Hello Community,


      I need some help with rerender and inputs.  I have something like this:



        <a4j:repeat var="input" value="#{process.inputs}">

             <h:outputText value="#{input.name}" />

             <h:inputText value="#{input.result}" />

             <br />

             <a4j:commandButton value="Send" action="#{process.submit}" />




      This a4j:repat get rerender every 2-4 secounds because there can be more inputs (or also pictures/text).

      The problem is: after rerender, all inputs that were not submit get lost. So when the user do any input and the whole a4j:repeat get rerender, than the input is lost. <- Not good!


      So, how do I add a row/element without rerender the whole a4j:repeat.


      Anyone have an idea? I hope you can understand my question.