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    Jboss 6 - boot.log location

    mcatalin23 Newbie

      The default location for jboss 6 logging files is: <JBOSS_HOME>/server/<server_name>/log/

      I want to change this location.


      For the server.log, I found the configuration file for changing the location: <JBOSS_HOME>/server/<server_name>/deploy/jboss-logging.xml

      By modifying file-name attribute on periodic-rotating-file-handler tag on FILE appender, I can change the server.log location.


      How can I change the location for the other logging file: boot.log?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          The boot log is governed by the logging.properties file found in the bin/run.jar file. Here is the line that identifies the location:




          You should be able to set the jboss.boot.server.log.dir and have all of the log files appear in that location.