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Ticket Monster at GSoC

Marius Bogoevici Expert



Since the demo extension proposals we made for GSoC have generated a fair amount of interest, here's a few details for the ones who are interested:


- the current WIP for the project is at https://github.com/mbogoevici/ticket-monster-1.git


- some details on the use cases we try to cover (and tutorials that we'd like to write) are here: https://github.com/jboss/ticket-monster-tutorial


We have proposed two themes on the ideas page:


- one regarding the current reservation system - which is fairly basic (i.e. user submits the number of tickets on purchase and the system allocates them automatically) with a more advanced one, where reservations happen before the purchase, are placed in an intermediate state and commited upon checkout or deleted on expiration.  A more advanced option would be for the users to be able to choose their seats - however the most important aspect of the task is the ability to store temporary reservation information in a distributed cache configured on the JBoss AS7 instance, handling expiration and persisting confirmed purchases;


- one regarding native mobile application support - and that means enhancing the current JQuery Mobile-based application with native capabilities supplied by Apache Cordova, like: geolocation, taking pictures and uploading them, using phone's contact list for event notifications;


From the discussions we had with potential candidates, there may be a third possible theme, using Hibernate Search to perform advanced searches for events/locations. This would be coupled with one of the JBoss AS7 quickstarts.


Hope this helps any potential candidates in writing their proposals - if you have other thoughts about cool things to do with JBoss technology - feel free to add your own proposal!


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