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    AS 7.1 MDB1 persists an entity and sends key in message to MDB2; 2 tries to read entity but fails irregularly

    Chris Lott Newbie

      I am admittedly an EJB noob and hope you will please find a minute for this question.  I have deployed an app with two message-driven beans to JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final.  The first MDB creates an entity and persists it, then puts a message on a JMS queue with the entity key.  The second MDB reads the message looks up the entity using the key .. and usually, but NOT always, finds it.  I can see the row in the database when all the shouting is over.  The first MDB does not call the entity manager's flush() method, altho I experimented with that, no improvement.   Is there some basic fundamental pattern that I'm violating here? Thanks, look forward to learning something here.