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    cloudscape db warn when starting connection pool

    Lyndon Livingstone Newbie

      I'm using embedded cloudscape DB with JB2.4.3w/TC3.2.3 on Solaris OS 5.8. The first time JB starts the conn pool starts as expected. Every time afterwards I get a WARN that essentially says there is another instance of the DB in use. After the warning, the DB seems to start anyway. There is definitely nothing else using the DB. The DB is in \jboss\db\cloudscape. After opening \cloudscape I noticed a db.lck file of approximately 30 bytes. After deleting this file the warning no longer appears the next time JB is started. But every time I shutdown JB (using CTL-C from a telnet session) the db.lck file is always there. Can anybody provide some explanation or direction. Thanks