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    Seam 2.3 or Seam 3.1 Help

    johnson russi tello Newbie

      Please answer as honestly and clearly, our concern must be that of thousands of developers seam 2.2:

      Developers who have products with seam 2.2, and we are starting new projects, we have the following uncertainties:

      1. It is unclear the future of seam of 2.2 as a product JEE (6 or 7)
      2. The solution should be Seam 3.1
      3. The big question, can start a project with Sema 3.1. As with seam 2.2. (Seam-Gen), creating the "entity bean", "entity session", "view", etc ...
      4. There tech support this need. ?
      5. If there is no tech support. There is a formal membership, and what is its cost.
      6. Please discuss this requirement, as many developers have not been able to start with Sema 3.1 with the same ease of a frame (2.2 Seam)
      7. If common desarrolaldores week can not start with 3.1, do not see how colaboar in the least.
      8. Question: This delimited Seam 3.1 for the normal user, or not considered a contribution, whether as testers?.
      9. The dilemma: if I want a mass product, it is easier for users to test and debug. Why not invest
      a help for this market could use it without problems, no doubt the cost-benefit may be greater.
      Benas release product without assistance, can lead to loss of confidence in the products jboss.

      Johnson Russi


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          Jason Porter Master

          The Seam 2.x branch will be supported with EAP 6. You're certainly welcome to use that. It will include support for JSF 2 and JPA 2.


          Seam 3 is community only and will not be offered as a supported offering in EAP 6. We're hoping to get more word out on this in the coming months (hopefully weeks). If you're looking for a supported framework you're comfortable with, look at Seam 2.3. Beta1 was recently released.

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            johnson russi tello Newbie

            Jason. thanks for your prompt response.

            The situation is summarize as follows:

            The project is to develop a database of 400 tables aproxidamente, the duration is estimated for 2 years and 6 engineers.

            Knowing the benefits of 'SEAM 3.1'. see it as the ideal tool. Because if done with version 2.3 and then migrate to 3.1, would be expensive and runs the risk of not achieving it in a timely fashion.

            The concept applied is: should we wait for seam 3.1 and if so, we would have the same functionality of a style framework 2.3. to implement large projects?

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              Jason Porter Master

              Another, very viable option would be to look at MyFaces CODI and Apache DeltaSpike (Seam 3 and MyFaces CODI and some others). CDI on it's own because it's extensible is a very good choice. Because your project is a long project you could help us identify places we need to fill gaps, fix bugs, etc.


              For the same functionality, it really depends on which features you're looking at.

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                johnson russi tello Newbie

                1.  Error. with seam 2.3 beta1


                E:\javajdk\jboss-seam-2.3.0.B1>seam setup
                SEAM_HOME: E:\javajdk\jboss-seam-2.3.0.B1
                Using seam-gen sources from: E:\javajdk\jboss-seam-2.3.0.B1\seam-gen
                Buildfile: E:\javajdk\jboss-seam-2.3.0.B1\seam-gen\build.xml

                BUILD FAILED
                E:\javajdk\jboss-seam-2.3.0.B1\seam-gen\build.xml:42: Cannot find E:\javajdk\jboss-seam-2.3.0.B1/build/common.build.xml imported from E:\javajdk\jboss-seam-2.3.0.B1\seam-gen\build.xml

                Total time: 0 seconds


                2. Seam 3 and MyFaces CODI and some others).

                I find functional projects: with creating entity bean, session and view, reverse engineering, etc.