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    CDI producer bean with jax-rs dependency

    Supriya Shyamal Newbie

      I have treid a example with weld as CDI container with jersey as jax-rs implementation for the dependency of jax-rs resources on CDI producer bean. Below is my CDI producer class which priduces unique id depends on session id or user provided id through REST path ..


      public class UuidProducer {



          private Logger log;



          private HttpServletRequest request;



          private String uuid;





          public String produceUuid() {

              if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(uuid)) {

                  return uuid;


              if (request.getSession() != null) {

                  return request.getSession().getId();


              log.info("Generating UUID...");

              return UUID.randomUUID().toString();






      When I tried this with Jboss AS7 with RestEasy implementation no jax-rs resource is injected into this CDI class. My question is that if how can I inject jax-rs resource in normal CDI bean?