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    Snowdrop projects for GSoC


      For GSoC, I have a new proposal, for students who are interested in the marriage of JBoss AS7 and Spring:


      Provide an extension to the Spring Framework that can take advantage of AS7 annotation indexing support for deployments and apply it for speeding up the startup of Spring applications in JBoss AS 7.


      Its goal is as simple as it sounds, but involves dealing with JBoss AS7 and Spring internals, and requires a significant amount of research.


      I'm opening the discussion on this! Also, if you have other ideas regarding Snowdrop, feel free to discuss!

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          Hi Marius,


          I´m interesting in this project !! I have a few Questions about this project:


          -What IDE do you recommend?(I know Eclipse and then I download a few plugin or STS(SpringSource Tool Suite) or now I´m looking in JBOSS webpage and I´m watching it: JBoss Developer Studio 5.0 Early Access) if you recommend me another one I like to tell you that I have mac computer.


          -Do you have any manual or webpage that I can look about it?


          -Can you give url of repository of Snowdrop and JBoss?


          How I don´t have a lot experience about it, I think that I can start install jboss and I´m watching a few samples of Snowdrop with Spring and JBOSS.


          Thanks for all Marius!!

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            Sorry for the late answer - I think you may have found your way around the project.


            Using Eclipse or JBDS should be fine.


            The info regarding Snowdrop is at http://jboss.org/snowdrop, and the git repo is at http://github.com/snowdrop. You may have found this information already.


            To wit, Spring provides an annotation scanner which can be pretty expensive for large deployments. The idea is that JBoss AS7 has the ability of indexing deployments for specific annotations, so my idea is to expand annotation indexing in JBoss to include Spring annotations, and then work around functionality such as org.springframework.context.annotation.ClassPathScanningCandidateComponentProvider.findCandidateComponents(String). There may be better extension points though to use that information. This could also require another MetadataReader implementation.


            Some information about Jandex (JBoss' annotation scanner) can be found here: http://github.com/jbossas/jandex. I'll try to look for a better documentation on how this is currently used in JBoss AS7.




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              Hi Marius,


              Thanks for the information, I continue with this project when I have any advance I tell you here.


              I dowloaded this project by here: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/projects/snowdrop/trunk/ It´s a SVN and you tell me a GIT, The SVN I read in webpage of JBOSS: http://www.jboss.org/snowdrop It´s right or it´s better repository GIT of Snowdrop?

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                Hi Manuel,


                Looks like there's an issue on the web page - we moved the sources to https://github.com/snowdrop since some time.


                Let me correct that ASAP.




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                  Hi Marius,


                  I downloaded again Snowdrop from Git Repository, in my local Machine I install AS7 and Module of Snowdrop. Is this documentation: http://docs.jboss.org/snowdrop/2.0.0.Final/html_single/index.html right no? I read it and I  try to see an example one project with this example running. I understand a little but I prefer to see how it´s running.


                  I have another doubt: I clone in my machine the git repository and import the project Snowdrop with a maven option. It´s perfect but the problem is that In pom.xml of Maven I have fail of missing artifact and I don´t know why it happen?(Is it need special configuration of maven or another thing?)


                  I continue reading documentation about the project. Now I understand the project better but I haven't got a high level and I have got a few doubt :


                  1-I can do a implementation this class of spring(MetadataReader) for snowdrop and I can use the default indexer of JBOSS(Jandex), My doubt is for example this class in spring 2.5 is different in spring 3.0, How I can do implementation that this is the same for the two version.


                  2-Where I can upload the test project that you can see how I advance in my project?


                  Thanks for all!!

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                    Is this project also proposed for 2013? I want to be sure before I start digging into code




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                      Hi Manuel,


                      To fix the missing artifact problem you need to add http://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/groups/public/  to you settings.xml. You can find a full set of instruction on the Maven Getting Started page.


                      To answer you first question, I am thinking that it may need to be a branch or you only build it for the latest version of Spring.


                      2nd question - most of us use github.  It is free and can post your code there.  Then others can review and test it.




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                        Hi Grzesiek,


                        I don't know if Manuel has done any work on it yet.  He has not posted a link to github yet. You are welcome to start working on it.



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                          Hi Marius,

                          I'm very interesting in this project as a spring developer, and I saw this project in GSoC14 page, is this project also proposed for 2014? I'm glad to apply for it, and also I will try my best to finish this project!

                          Can you  give me some guide and more information?



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                            I am sorry but Marius no longer works on the Snowdrop project.  Also the task he laid out above from 2012 has been solved.


                            At this time I do not have any GSoC tasks to offer.




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                              Any URL reference to the solution ?

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                                If in fact I understand Marius' proposal above then the solution is at snowdrop/snowdrop at CustomBeanScanner · GitHub.  Though we have not implemented/merged it because of the nature of solution would tie the code to JBoss.  It does work and you are welcome to try it.


                                I posted the idea on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6382084/how-can-i-limit-spring-component-scan-to-only-files-in-my-war/17605983#176059… to see if anyone was interested in it.