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  • 15. Re: Dependency Injection won't work
    Sueleyman Vurucu Expert

    Hi Vineet,


    I assume that. I have allready a very dynamic Servicelocator so I can use that. In some cases the DI is not enough for our usecase. But I nothing will be work over DI. @PersistenceContex or @Rescource. Both of then don't work as well. I'm very confused.

  • 16. Re: Dependency Injection won't work
    Sueleyman Vurucu Expert

    Hi it's me again,


    it seems so that the DI won't work in an EAR deployment like in a WAR.


    I try the deployment shown below:


    public static EnterpriseArchive createTestArchive(Module testModule, Class<?>... additionalClasses){

        // Get needed Properties

        String versionbase = SystemPropertiesTestConstants.VERSION_BASE.getValue();

        String wmsear = SystemPropertiesTestConstants.WMS_EAR.getValue();

        String testModuleName = testModule.getModuleName() + "-" + versionbase + ".jar";

        // Retrieve the EAR file

        EnterpriseArchive ear = DependencyResolvers





        // EJB Jar with my testcase

        JavaArchive testModuleJar = ear.getAsType(JavaArchive.class, testModuleName);






        return ear;



    I get my EAR which is deployed in my local repo and replace it by adding my testcase in my EJB jar. The deployment is correct. I can verify this by adding the folowing property in my arquillan.xml



            <property name="deploymentExportPath">target/</property>



    Everything works fine but the DI not as I want.

  • 17. Re: Dependency Injection won't work
    Sueleyman Vurucu Expert

    Hi guys,


    I think I didn't understood the arquillian apprroach. So my testcase is not an EJB. But by adding a beans.xml I can make it to a CDI bean where I can inject almost everything what I need. It was painfull but I learn it .


    So I changed my helper method for deployment as shown below:


      public static EnterpriseArchive createTestArchive(Class<?>... additionalClasses){

        String earMvnString= getMyEARString();


        JavaArchive jar = ShrinkWrap.create(JavaArchive.class, "additionalClasses.jar")

            .addClasses(additionalClasses).addAsResource(EmptyAsset.INSTANCE, "beans.xml");


        return DependencyResolvers







    That rocks as I want.

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