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    IDM deployment instructions for JBoss AS7

    Tony Kaska Newbie

      Deployment instructions on IDM from Wiki does not apply to AS7.




      I am talking about the above Wiki link which talks about how to install IDM in JBoss. I think it is out dated. So am wondering where to fine the IDM deployment instructions on  JBoss AS 7

      When you get the source code from the SVN trunk for the IDM, it is giving a Maven error and cannot compile. I think the source link pointed by PicketLink website might be outdated.

      Pedro Igor was kind enough to share the Github source tree.



      We are able to compile the IDM project. But mvn clean install –Pdistro will fail because it cannot find distro. So there should be some other way to get IDM working in JBoss AS 7. So I am looking for IDM deployment instructions in JBoss AS 7. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.