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    List all messages in a clustered Queue

    Lars Bilger Newbie

      We are running JBoss EAP 5.0 in a clustered environment, containing clustered queues. We need a list of all messages currently queued for two reasons:

      1. The customer wants a screen in the application where administrators can get an overview of the queued messages.

      2. Sometimes, when creating messages, we want to check first if a similar message is already queued. If so, we want to suppress the creation of the new message.


      We have tried using a Queue Browser, but that doesn't show us all of the queue's messages. We found an explanation of this behaviour in https://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBMCluster: "Note: You cannot see all the messages in the queue if it's clusterd"


      Has anyone had the same requirement and solved this problem? What is the recommended way to get a list of all messages in a clustered queue?


      The only way I could think of is to access the database table that JBoss stores the messages in and manually de-serialize the data, but that seems quite "dirty" to me.


      Any help would be appreciated.